The PKU-VISUAL-OBJECTS dataset is constructed by National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology (NELVT), Peking University, sponsored by the National Basic Research Program of China and Chinese National Natural Science Foundation.
the PKU-VISUAL-OBJECTS dataset is now partly made available for the academic purpose only on a case-by-case basis. The NELVT at Peking University is serving as the technical agent for distribution of the dataset and reserves the copyright of all the videos in the dataset. Any researcher who requests the PKU-VISUAL-OBJECTS dataset must sign this agreement and thereby agrees to observe the restrictions listed in this document. Failure to observe the restrictions will result in access being denied for the request of the future version of the PKU-VISUAL-OBJECTS dataset and being subject to civil damages in the case of publication of videos that have not been approved for release.


Resolution Sequence Frames Mask
1080p Kimono 238  kimono_1920x1080_24_mask238
ParkScene 238  ParkScene_1920x1080_24_mask238
BasketballDrive 499  BasketballDrive_1920x1080_50_mask499
720p Johnny 598  Johnny_1280x720_60_mask598
KristenAndSara 598  KristenAndSara_1280x720_60_mask598
FourPeople 598  FourPeople_1280x720_60_mask598


  • The videos for download is part of PKU-VISUAL-Objects Dataset.
  • The videos can only be used for ACADEMIC PURPOSES. For COMERCIAL USE, please contact us for authorization .
  • Copyright © National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology (NELVT) and Institute of Digital Media, Peking University (PKU-IDM). All rights reserved.

All publications using PKU-VISUAL-OBJECTS Dataset should cite the paper below:

  • Tiejun Huang, Siwei Dong, Yonghong Tian, Representing Visual Objects in HEVC
    Coding Loop, IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and
    Systems, Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2014, 5-16. DOI:


  • You can download the agreement(pdf) by clicking the DOWNLOAD link.
  • After filling it, please send the electrical version to our Email: pkuml at (Subject: PKU-VISUAL-OBJECTS Dataset Agreement)
  • The original videos (without masks) are part of HEVC/H.265 common test sequences, which can be downloaded from JCT-VC FTP (